When In The Building Process Should You Think About Window Treatments?

Building a new home is a long process filled with decisions. Every detail, down to which side of the wall your outlets are on, are details you will be living with. Luckily not all decisions need to be made at once, but knowing when to start the decision making process can be tricky.

Window treatments are often thought of at the end, with other home decor choices, but window treatments need to be thought about much earlier. There are a lot of construction and building decisions that will impact which window treatments you can get, how easily they can be installed, and how they operate.

Home construction choices that can impact your window treatments:

  • Window Depth
  • Window size and style
  • Trim
  • Electrical wiring

When to Start Thinking About Window Treatments

Window treatments should be discussed as early as the planning phase, especially if you are considering automated window treatments.

Image of a house blueprint

Any good window treatment professional will be able to work with your window and trim style to provide you the perfect look. But the decisions you make early in the build stage will have an impact on the smaller details that can affect your overall window treatment vision.

Window Depth

Window depth, or jamb depth, is the amount of space your window is inset from the surface of the wall. This space might seem small, literally, but it can impact how your shades or blinds get installed.

If you have a deep jamb depth, your blinds can get mounted inside that space, making the window treatments flush with the surrounding wall. If your jamb depth is too narrow, your blinds would get mounted outside, most likely on the trim of your windows.

Both mounting styles, inside and out, are very common, but if you prefer an inside mount you need to discuss with your builder to make sure you have the space you need.

Motorized Shades

If you have any interest in motorized shades, you will want to let your builder know as early as possible. There are several factors that impact what type of motorized shade you can choose:

  • Height and width of window
  • Fabric (the heavier the fabric the more energy needed to raise and lower the shade)
  • Style of treatment (drapery versus shade or blind)
  • Hardwired or battery operated

There are two ways to power your motorized shades: battery operated or hardwired. Battery operated shades are great for those looking to automate their existing home, but if you have the choice to hardwire, this will save you money, time, and won’t limit your choices.

Picture showing three different types of motorized shade remotes

Hardwired motorized shades let you operate bigger and heavier styles. Hardwired treatments require additional planning by the electricians and coordination with a motorized window treatment supplier to make sure you will have the proper voltage to operate your shades.

Unsure about motorized shades but think you may want them in the future? You can and should have your builder get hardwiring in place. This will ensure your options are not limited when the time comes and may increase the value of your home.

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Don’t let the stylish allure of window treatments fool you during your home building processes. It is true, window treatments will add a beautiful touch to any room, but they are also an important factor to discuss early with your builder.

If you still have questions about when to start talking about window treatments, give us a call!

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